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Welcome To The Planet Dominatrix Blog

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The problem with men is that they are not slaves! And they are not obliged to obey women under pain of torture! Women would find it so much easier if they had male slaves instead of husbands/partners/boyfriends. And life, in general, would be so much better for women if all male humans were men slaves. Male slaves whose only function in life was to obey their mistresses. And the law should allow a mistress to do anything she liked with her men slaves.

This was the dream of Nysa Ordell. But on earth, forcing men to be male slaves was illegal. So, in the year 2315 she set up a colony on a planet on the far side of the galaxy, where women rule and men are slaves. This planet eventually got renamed "Planet Dominatrix".

At first they took a few submissive men with them, men who want to be the male slaves of a cruel mistress. but they wanted more men slaves on Planet Dominatrix, so women were employed to give birth to male slaves. These women were paid with a life of luxury at the expense of the state, provided they spent their fertile years giving birth to males (by 2315 there were drugs which, if taken before intercourse, guaranteed that any child conceived would be male). Their offspring were trained in the art of obedience, then at the age of eighteen, were auctioned off to the women as male slaves, to serve their mistress forever.

This then, is how life on Planet Dominatrix is run. Women mistresses and men slaves. Every woman is a mistress, and every man is a slave.

On this blog I'll keep you updated with the progress of the science fiction novels about Planet Dominatrix, and any other news about Planet Dominatrix. So bookmark it, sign up to our RSS feed, and keep coming back.

Latest Posts About Planet Dominatrix

20th September 2015 11:12 GMT

An Important Announcement And An Apology

In the science fiction book "Mistress Of Planet Dominatrix" and on various websites I have stated that the second book "Revolt Of The Man Slaves On Planet Dominatrix" would be out by the end of the summer 2015 (northern hemisphere summer). The more astute of you will have realised that the summer is over, and the book is not yet here.

I'm afraid I have had to spend most of my time publicising the first book, so have not finished the second book in this science fiction series yet. And I apparently have a lot more publicity work to do over the next couple of months. So "Revolt Of The Man Slaves On Planet Dominatrix" will not be published until 2016. Sorry.

However, as compensation for this I am also working on a short science fiction novelette set on Planet Dominatrix which will be FREE. I don't have a definite title yet, but it will be about Tarad (the police officer who solved the case in the first Planet Dominatrix book). It will be a previous case she worked on. And, best of all, as I just said, it will be FREE.

The free science fiction book should be out later this year (2015).

Or early next year.

Or sometime!

25th August 2015 09:58 GMT

Electric Adaptations Of The Slave Whip - Combined Cattle Prod And Whip

In my last post I explained that the original design of slave whip created by Nysa Ordell is still the main whip used on Dominatrix to punish men slaves. Practically every adult woman in the main colony owns one. But there are a few advanced designs that are also seen all over the colony. In this post I'll discuss the combined cattle prod and whip.

The title pretty much explains it all. This is a whip that combines the functions of a whip and a cattle prod and is used by Mistresses when punishing men. The whip part is used in exactly the same way as the traditional whip, and the handle is also used by mistresses to beat their male slaves. It even looks almost identical to the original slave whip designed by Nysa Ordell. The only visible difference is the ends of the handle. The top of the whip handle either has a metal ball or two metal prods coming out of it. The other end has an insulating handle with at least one button, and often several buttons along the side of it.

However the main difference is inside the handle. The metal handle on all whips is hollow, but on this type of whip the handle contains all the equipment necessary to produce a painful electric shock. Painful but not lethal. An extra way to punish the men slaves!

In the type of slave whip with a ball end, the ball is isolated from the rest of the whip by an insulating spring. When the slave is poked with the end of the whip the ball is pressed into the whip, the spring compressed, and the ball comes into contact with a charged plate within the whip. The electricity is then discharged though the male slave's body, causing brief but considerable pain. An ideal punishment or encouragement to work harder.

The main disadvantage of this is that the charge is earthed through the slave to the ground. It is extremely painful, but if the slave is standing on an insulating surface the whip will not work.

The other disadvantage is that you can only use the whip below the chest. If the charge runs through the slave's heart it may cause a heart attack or weaken the heart. This is also a risk that if the slave is touching a more conducting surface, he is earthed with his hands not his feet. in that case some or all of the charge will earth through his hands, and again the path may run through his chest causing heart damage or death.

Slaves are expensive, so damaging them or killing them is usually a bad idea. For this reason there is a second type of electric cattle prod whip. That has two metal prods coming out of the top instead of a ball. The prods are similar to those on an Earth taser, except that they are slightly curved so that they resemble cow horns.

Only one horn delivers the electric shock, the other acts as the earth. Or to be more exact, the two horns act like positive and negative poles on a really, really powerful battery. The charge runs from one horn to the other, not through the man slave's body. The advantage of this is that it is safer. The disadvantage is that it does not hurt as much, so is not as good a punishment for men slaves.

Both designs have an insulated handle with a selection of buttons. The cheapest variety of horn type has two buttons, one to charge the whip, and one to discharge it. A few of the lowest price ball type have only one button, to charge the whip. Pressing the ball against a male slaves flesh as a punishment will cause it to discharge, so no second button is needed. More expensive versions of both types of whip have several buttons. The extra buttons allow the mistress to adjust the strength of the electric shock, so that the mistress can choose how severely she wants to punish the men slaves.

These two types of slave whip exist in roughly equal quantities on Planet Dominatrix, but neither exists in any great quantity because they are not as popular as you would expect with the slave mistresses on Planet Dominatrix. This is for two reasons:

1. The early models of this whip were, to put it mildly, somewhat primitive in their construction. They often malfunctioned and occasionally this malfunction resulted in the electric shock running through the handle and into the mistress rather than her male slave. Fortunately this has never been fatal, but it hurt the mistress as much as it was supposed to hurt the slave! The idea of punishment is to punish the men slaves, not punish the mistress! Nowadays the whips are better built, and they have insulating handles, so this cannot happen. But the memory of the humiliation of having the men's punishment inflicted on their mistresses still rankles, so many women will not use these punishment devices.

2. Most women enjoy punishing men. And for some, collecting punishment devices is a turn on. Owning more punishment devices makes them feel more in control, and more horny at owning men slaves. So why have just one device that does two jobs, when you can have two separate devices, a standard whip and a standard cattle prod?

The combined cattle prod and whip is the most common kind of electric whip used on Planet dominatrix, but there are other kinds of electric whip that the women use when punishing men. In the next post I'll describe the second type.

19th August 2015 09:39 GMT

The Further Development Of The Slave Whip

At the very end of the year 2356 the first new male slaves born from the "breeders of men" program reached the "age of usefulness" and were auctioned off. During 2357 more slaves reached the age of usefulness and the slave population continued to grow. The female population had been increasing since 2319. It had suffered a big hit from two civil wars and from the splitting off of one group to form a new, separate colony that called itself "The Amazons". However after the end of the second civil war in 2319, when a change in law allowed women to freely choose the sex of their children, it began to increase quickly (there were drugs that meant you could choose the sex of your child at conception). At the end of the war the adult female population in the main colony had drooped to less than 2000. But there were about the same number of girl children. And from then on most women gave birth to several girls each. Life on a new colony was risky at best (the fact that the colony had started with 5398 adult females, and now had less than 2000 proved this), so the only way to ensure your genetic line continued was to have plenty of daughters (on Dominatrix men were not considered human, so - apart from those in the breeders of men program - women avoided giving birth to boys). Also the fact that, from 2319, nearly all women had at least one male slave that they could use for sex if they liked, helped increase the quantity of children born. As these children became adults they too wanted slaves. At first this was not possible, there were not enough slaves to go round, but as the breeders of men program began to show fruit, more and more women became slave owners, and eventually the stock of whips was exhausted and more needed to be produced.

Although mining existed on Planet Dominatrix by then, male slaves were needed for so many things that only a few were used as miners or foundry workers. What metal was produced went to the more important things, and the production of metal whip handles was not considered an essential industry. So the first whips made on Dominatrix had wooden handles.

After the slave revolt was put down, some women blamed the "lax punishment" given to slaves when beaten with the handle of a wooden handled whip for the revolt. They argued that a metal handled whip would be a better punishment, and keep the male slaves in line more effectively. You can test this for yourself: Get a friend to hit you over the head with a stick. Then get the same friend to hit you over the head with a scaffolding pole. Use a MRI scanner to see which gives you the most brain damage.

As a result production was stepped up at the mines. Extra slaves could not be spared, but the existing miners were replaced with recaptured revolutionary slaves, and these slaves were made to work even longer hours as a punishment for revolting. Basically they were given five hours to sleep, necessary meal and toilet breaks, and the entire rest of the day, every day of the week, every week of the year, were forced to work down the mines - for the rest of their lives.

The slave whips that had come from Earth had a plug of a plastic like substance in the top to which the whip part was fixed. Many of these had fallen off and been replaced. The equipment needed to manufacture the substance that the attachment was made of had not been shipped to Dominatrix. Other plastics could (and were) manufactured on the planet out of waste carbon products. But the process was time and resource consuming, so it was usual to have a slave carve a wooden plug to replace lost ones. When new whips were manufactured, this type of plug became standard.

And that is still the basic design of whip used on Planet Dominatrix. A few women use bull whips made out of barran hide, some use a braided whip, and there are some women who prefer more modern whips which combine the purpose of whip and cattle prod in one device. But most still use the basic type of whip designed by Nysa Ordell back when she was first planning her space colony where women rule and men exist only to serve women, as male slaves.

11th August 2015 19:11 GMT

The Origin Of The Slave Whip

The slave whip used on Planet Dominatrix is different to most whips in that it has a long wooden or metal handle. Most often metal, wood handles are rare nowadays. The reason for the handle was to give it dual use. The whip part can be used to whip the slave, the handle can be used to beat them.

This type of whip was designed by Nysa Ordell on Earth long before Planet Dominatrix was founded. She designed it for her own amusement, and the first slave whips were just bamboo canes with thin leather trouser belts attached to the end.

When she finally started getting male followers (i.e. men who wanted to be slaves to women) she began testing her new whip on Earth. She found two faults with it. Firstly, being whipped with the belt did not hurt enough (remember - her test subjects were men who wanted to be slaves to women, so they were also turned on by being whipped by women, and were prepared to say if this was not torture enough). Secondly, Nysa sometimes got carried away when beating a man slave with the bamboo handle, and hit him hard enough to break it.

To fix the first problem Nysa used (at a male slave's suggestion) thin strips of toughened leather for the whip. Another slave suggested using wire, so she made versions of the whip using both plastic coated wire and non coated bare wire. Each type gave a different level of pain, suitable for a different level of punishment.

The second problem, Nysa overcame by using a wooden broom handle as a handle. Not only did this solve the breaking problem, it also hurt the male slave more when punished by being beaten with the handle.

Later Nysa improved the design even more by using a hollow metal tube as the handle. Some historians claim that this was a metal broom handle, others claim it was a camping pole. We will never know the truth because Nysa is dead now, and none of her original prototypes exist.

When Nysa finally got enough money to start her colony she had whips professionally made up on Earth before leaving. These consisted of purpose built metal poles with either leather, coated wire, or bare wire. The "records of cargo" for the flight to Dominatrix show that six thousand leather whips, six thousand coated wire whips, and six thousand bare wire whips were taken with them. In other words - enough for one of each type of whip per woman, with a few spares! Although most of the metal handles survive intact to this day, most have been restrung, and the few whips that still have their original whip part are now expensive collectors items. However it is a testament to Earth engineering that of the 18000 handles that were taken on that first journey, over 16000 still exist. Most are still used as whips, but in some cases the metal handles were put to other uses (on a new colony you have to learn to improvise).

It is also a testament to the quality of the handles of the whips brought to Planet Dominatrix that although some had to be restrung, no new handles were made until the late 2350s, when the "breeders of men" program began to show fruit. Up to then the slave population had declined slightly due to births of male slaves being less than deaths and since few whips were damaged, the initial stock of whips sufficed. In fact, as previously mentioned, some whips were cannibalised for other uses because they had more than they needed.

But eventually the population of both male slaves and women mistresses increased on Planet Dominatrix to the point where new whips had to be made on planet. In my next post I'll tell you how this changed manufacturing design, and how that design was partly blamed for the slave revolt.

5th August 2015 09:58 GMT

Guns On Planet Dominatrix III

I have explained that women had both ray guns and projectile guns. And I have explained that projectile guns are more useful than ray guns, so why do I infer that by 2401, there are very few guns, and projectile weapons are rarer than laser weapons?

To start with, projectile guns need bullets. Making a bullet is not a simple task. First you have to mould a metal ball. And the metal has to either come from your reserves or be mined. Then you need to make gunpowder. Some ingredients of gunpowder can be made, but at least one has to be mined. So you have to find a source of the mineral, then dig another mine for that mineral. Then when you have mixed up your gunpowder you have to put it, and the ball, into a cardboard tube (the cardboard too has to be manufactured) or waste more metal on a metal case. And even more metal has to be used to make the firing cap. On earth, or a well established colony, this is easy. It is done in a factory. On a new planet it is a major job setting all this up, and will take manpower needed for other important tasks - such as survival!

But your ray gun uses lasers. The laser justs needs electricity to create the beam. We have had rechargeable batteries since the twentieth century, so by 2315 they will be amazingly efficient. And any new colony is going to consider electric generators a necessity. So charging the laser beam firing ray gun will be easy!

But I doubt if, by the twenty fourth century, it will be necessary to charge the guns up. I have a "battery-less" torch. You squeeze the handle and that generates enough electricity for a couple of seconds of light. Of course, to keep the light on you have to keep squeezing the handle. But if you are creating a laser beam, a few seconds is all the time you need to kill someone. So a laser gun could both be charged and fired by squeezing the trigger.

So to start with, Planet Dominatrix would be equipped with both laser firing ray guns and bullet firing projectile guns. But the events described in the science fiction book "Mistress Of Planet Dominatrix" happened in 2401. By then the colony had existed for eighty one years. By then they would have long run out of bullets (although the colony will have got to the stage where they can be made, they will be an expensive way to kill someone). And most of the original laser cannons in the ray guns will have given up or broken years ago. Guns will be rare!

So at that stage in it's development I would expect Planet Dominatrix (or any space colony) to be reliant on bows and crossbows as their main projectile weapons. And in future science fiction stories in the series you will see both. The main colony use an adapted form of crossbow, smaller and more portable. The other colony (the one formed after the first civil war) prefer bows and arrows. As they consider themselves to be the embodiment of the fictional Earth tribe of "Amazon Women" they feel the bow a more traditional weapon.

Although we see neither in the first science fiction story in the series (instead the murderer uses a novel kind of projectile weapon) both bows and crossbows (and the occasional ray gun) will feature in the next science fiction novel in this series, "Revolt Of The Man Slaves on Planet Dominatrix".

2nd August 2015 11:01 GMT

Guns On Planet Dominatrix II

I have explained why ray guns are not common in my science fiction stories, but I say: "Guns were not common on Dominatrix, at least not projectile guns." This infers that laser guns are more common than projectile (bullet firing) guns on Planet Dominatrix. Why is this?

Remember, Planet Dominatrix is not on Earth. Planet Dominatrix is on the far side of the known universe and is home to a group of colonists, women who believe man should be slaves and men who fulfil that role. So how did they get there? Well, in a space ship, obviously!

If you have read a lot of science fiction stories you will no doubt have read scenes where the space ship is damaged by a small meteor. Something the size of a small marble, or smaller, hitting the ship and puncturing the hull, letting the atmosphere out and leading to a dramatic "life or death" struggle for survival by the crew of the space ship. I cannot think of an example, but I am sure that more than one science fiction writer has described the meteor hit as being "like a bullet being fired into the hull from a gun outside the ship." As far as my knowledge of meteors striking the hull of a space ship goes, this sounds like a good description. But do you know what else is like a bullet being fired from a gun into the hull from outside the ship? Well I'm guessing that the act of actually firing a bullet into the hull from inside the ship will be almost identical to the gun being fired from outside the ship!

In other words, if you are in a space ship and you fire a gun, and miss your intended target, there is a good chance you will rupture the hull killing the target, yourself, and everyone else on board the space ship. For this reason I cannot see passengers or crew of a space ship ever being allowed to carry a gun. And being found in possession of one would probably be an instant "thrown out of the nearest airlock" offence.

So coming to Dominatrix on a space ship the women would not be carrying projectile guns. This does not mean they would not bring guns. But these guns would be sealed in the hold, not accessible to anyone until they arrived at their destination. And on the long journey tempers would get frayed, arguments could turn nasty, police would be needed to control the situation. And the police officers would need guns to keep the peace. Ray guns are ideal for use in ships. The strength of laser needed to burn the soft tissue of a human is a lot less than the strength needed to burn through the metal hull. So a safe "people killing" weapon (or at least "people injuring" weapon) could be created for use on space ships. And when the colonists arrived at their destination, they would still have these laser guns for use on the planet.

So at the start, the women had both ray guns and projectile guns. And I have explained that projectile guns are more useful than ray guns, so why do I infer that by 2401, there are very few guns, and projectile weapons are rarer than laser weapons? I'll explain this in my next post

31st July 2015 16:41 GMT

Guns On Planet Dominatrix I

In the science fiction book "Mistress Of Planet Dominatrix" I say "Guns were not common on Dominatrix, at least not projectile guns." Some people have asked: "Why not?" In this post I will attempt to answer that question:

On Earth, in 2401 (the year the events in the science fiction novel "Mistress Of Planet Dominatrix" take place) guns are still very much in existence. And the most common type is the projectile type (ones that fire bullets). Science fiction stories tend to tell us that, in the future "ray guns" will replace the projectile weapons, so why does the future I created not contain spacemen waving ray guns?

To be honest, I thought about the possible development of weaponry, and came to the conclusion that the ray gun will exist in the future (in fact they already exist today). So the ray gun does exist in my future world, and will appear in future books, but they are not common. And I do not think they ever will become common.

Think how science fiction films and science fiction television shows present being shot with a ray gun. The victim freezes for a second or two, visual effects show them "lighting up" from the shot, then the victim either collapses to the floor dead, or crumbles into a pile of dust like a vampire recently staked by Buffy. And it is that "freezing for a second or two" that is the problem. Sure, the real reason for this in science fiction films and TV is so that they can give you a spectacular "hit by a ray gun" special effect which adds to the production values and puts bums on seats in the cinema! But in reality, if you are hit with a ray gun you would have to freeze still for a few seconds anyway. And that is where the problem lies.

I have been calling the weapon a "ray gun", because that is how it is portrayed in science fiction stories. In reality we are talking "laser gun". Basically a powerful, portable, laser cannon. I'm not sure how small and portable these devices are today, but large vehicle mounted laser weapons exist for taking out tanks, aeroplanes, etc.. Given time man will eventually get these things down to hand held portable devices. But think how they work.

Today they are used on slow moving vehicles, such as tanks, or vehicles on a steady plotable trajectory, like aeroplanes. These types of target can be "locked on to" by computers, and the laser moved so that it hits the same spot and stays targeted on that exact spot for the length of time required to work. This because a laser is, basically, a heat ray. It burns or melts the target. This is not instant, it takes a second or two (or longer) to work. This is fine when shooting a targetable machine, but what about when you fire at a human?

Imagine I fire my ray gun at you and hit you in the chest. You see the laser beam, feel the heat in your skin, and know that in a second or two your heart will be roasted and you will be dead. What do you do?

You move!

For a laser weapon to work it must be trained on exactly the same spot for a few seconds. Not "on the person", but "exactly on the same spot on that person". To escape death you don't even have to get out of the way of the beam, you just have to let it hit some other part of your body. True, it will hurt. It will injure you. It may even do a lot of damage to your body. You could later die of those injuries. But death will be minutes, hours, or even days later. And in that time you can jump me, take the gun from me, and shove it so far up my anus that it will take major surgery to remove it. True, you may eventually end up dead, but not before you have taken me out too! So the ray gun is not a lot of use to me!

Remember, in science fiction stories on TV and in the movies, the victim freezes for a few seconds - dramatic effect and a chance for an expensive visual effect. But they are actors! In reality you would have to hit the person with a paralysing dart before firing your ray gun at them. Life is not like science fiction!

This explains why ray guns are not common in my science fiction stories, but I say: "Guns were not common on Dominatrix, at least not projectile guns." This infers that laser guns are more common than projectile (bullet firing) guns on Planet Dominatrix. I'll explain this in my next post

28th July 2015 09:35 GMT

The Castor

The castor was originally designed as a veterinary device for use on male slaves. It's purpose was to castrate man slaves not needed for reproduction. Back then it was simply called a castrator, they like to keep names simple on Planet Dominatrix!

It's use was simple, the blades on the outside were used to slice open the scrotal sack and sever the testicles from their mooring, with practise a good veterinarian could do this in one stroke. The crook of the Y was then placed behind the testicles and slid up along the penis, sliding the testicles out of the scrotal sack. This is a painful operation for the males slaves, but the men are rarely sedated or even given pain killers. No one cares about the suffering of man slaves, so why waste money on needless drugs? They are just men, let them suffer!

The castrator is still occasionally used for this purpose but castration is a rare operation as safe, effective, contraceptive drugs were available by 2315 (when Planet Dominatrix was founded). Castration was still irreversible (well this kind of castration, where the testicles were removed, if the tubes had just been snipped and there were no complications, the doctors of 2315 could usually reverse the operation, but the mistresses of Planet Dominatrix preferred to rip their male slaves testicles right out if castration was considered a necessity). So since a slave who was used for recreational (non reproductive) sex one day may be needed for reproduction in the future, contraceptive drugs is preferable to full castration. And when castrations are performed, they are often used mostly as a way for a mistress to punish a disobedient slave rather than out of medical necessity.

Most of the women on Dominatrix enjoy watching men suffer, so when the castrator is used to castrate a male slave, a punishment that will cause him great pain and humiliation, his mistress will usually invite her friends to watch. Often the castration of a male slave is used as an excuse for a party by his mistress!

So how did the castrator, a simple veterinary tool, become the castor, a vicious weapon carried by many police officers on Planet Dominatrix, and some civilians? Well that was the result of the slave revolt of 2361.

The reasons and causes of the revolt against the rule of women by the male slaves of Planet Dominatrix are long and complicated, and this is not the place to go into the events in detail (for more information see "Revolt Of The Man Slaves on Planet Dominatrix" which will be published late Summer 2015 Click Here for details). But in 2361 a group of man slaves decided they did not like being the slaves of cruel mistresses who forced them to work, used them as sex toys, and tortured them not just for punishment but as an entertainment. So they revolted. And, understandably, the women fought to protect their way of life. They fought back against the revolting male slaves and they were vicious in their attacks.

As I previously pointed out, the castrator was mostly used as a punishment device. A disobedient male slave would be punished by his mistress by having his "manhood" removed in a painful and humiliating way. Surprisingly, even on Planet Dominatrix, where men never get to choose when to have sex that may lead to pregnancy (the men never even get to choose when the have recreational sex - they are slaves, to be used as sex toys by their mistress, she gets to decide when sex occurs and when - and if- it is going to lead to a child), men still have the primal urge to reproduce, and the forced removal of their testicles is an extreme psychological punishment (as well as being incredibly painful). So it is an effective deterrent to bad behaviour from the male slaves, and a good threat to keep the men obedient to their mistresses!

So when the men slaves revolted, castration was considered a suitable punishment. Death would have been better, but the "Breeders Of Men" program had only just stared bearing fruit (i.e. men slaves from this program had only started reaching the "age of usefulness") so they were still short of male slaves, even before some revolted, so they could not afford to kill slaves that could be recaptured and forced back into slavery.

To facilitate fast field justice, the women began carrying castrators in their belts, ready to use to castrate male slaves as soon as captured. As a punishment for the slave, and to be seen by other slaves still fighting as a warning of what will happen to them if they do not surrender.

Now think about the situation on the battlefield. When Planet Dominatrix had been founded, all the male slaves were there because they wanted to be. They were men who were turned on by the idea of being male slaves to women, forced to obey a cruel mistress' every command. So the women had it easy. Docile, obedient men slaves who actually wanted to obey. Women born on Dominatrix were brought up in a world where all men obeyed automatically. They knew no other type of man! Then the first of the men from the "breeders of men" program reached the age of usefulness and became slaves. These guys did not want to be slaves, most of them hated finding themselves classed as less than animals, slaves to women who could do what they liked to their "property". Most of the women realised that the men did not want to be slaves, many even enjoyed slave ownership more because the men hated their slavery (sadistic bitches). But no one thought that the men would revolt. They were used to men who served women automatically, and expected the new male slaves to behave similarly.

So when the men slaves revolted the women were frightened. They had never faced disobedient males before. But they were brave enough, and determined enough, to fight, to go to war with these male revolutionaries. However marching valiantly into battle is one thing, then the war is a long way off, any battles are "in the future". When you eventually find yourself in a fight with an escaped male slave, fear takes over and, if you are lucky, so does instinct. You fight for your life, you use whatever weapons you have to hand, and you fight viciously, it is the only way you will survive the battle.

At this point you will be carrying the castrator as a device to punish any male slave that you capture. But the outside of the castrator is sharp, it is, in effect, a vicious double sided knife. In a fight, a double sided knife is a good weapon. Instinct takes over. The first time you draw your castrator and use it as a weapon you are probably not even aware of what you are doing, you just grabbed the nearest thing to hand and defended yourself. But after you have won, and your opponent has either surrendered or died, you look at the thing you drew to defend yourself and think "this is indeed a good weapon". And an item of veterinary surgery has now become a vicious weapon of war.

At first the castrator was used as a "slash and hack" weapon. But using it in that way simply cuts your opponent, it does not normally inflict a serious wound. In a knife fight, your main aim is to stab the other fighter, not just to cut them. But the castrator is sharp only on the sides, the ends are not pointed. It was designed to cut, not stab. In other words, it was a good defencive weapon, but not a good attack weapon.

With a weapon like that there are really only two ways to to seriously and quickly disable your opponent. One is to go for the eyes. And with it's Y shaped blades, the castrator may look ideal for gouging out both eyes at the same time. However the women hoped to return most of the male slaves to slavery after the revolt. And a blind slave is no use to his mistress. So using the castrator on a man slave's eyes was an act of last resort, only used when the woman he is fighting feels he is about to kill her.

The second way a weapon like this can be used to disable a man slave quickly is to use it as it was designed to be used - go for the genitals.

A quick slash at the penis would, if successful, stop a man in his tracks. However, as already mentioned, the women wished to return the men to slavery again after the revolt was over. And many a mistress would have a use for her male slave's penis! So that too, was left as a last resort defence.

But a slave did not need his testicles. A man slave without testicles can still get an erection, so can still be used for sex. And removing testicles was what the castrator did best!

Before the revolution the mistresses did not allow their male slaves much clothing. Man slaves were mostly either kept naked or given a small loin clots and nothing else. When they escaped and revolted, all they had were the clothes they were wearing at the time. In most cases this was either a small loin cloth or nothing at all. And the loin cloths were not usually well made, they were just bits of material attached to a piece of string tied round the male slave's waist. No point in a mistress spending good money on clothing for her slave! So as a result, the loin cloths tended to fall off early in battle, leaving the slave naked. Nudity for the male slaves was common when in captivity, they were used to it. So when they found themselves naked in freedom it was no big deal, there was no need to stop and make clothes for themselves. And even if the men slaves had wanted to do this, they were running away and fighting for their freedom, stopping and taking time to make even the most rudimentary of garments was not possible. As a result, nearly all the slaves were fighting naked.

This meant that during battle, their testicles were exposed and vulnerable to attack with the castrator.

At first women simply slashed at the slave's testicles with the blades. Any damage down there is liable to put a man slave out of action! But there were veterinarians among the ranks of fighting women, and they followed through the slash with an instant castration. In peace time the male slaves were restrained during castration, in battle they were not. And when an opponent slashed their scrotal sack with a blade, the immediate reaction was to protect their genitals with their hands. The shock of the sudden pain meant that the injured slave would take a second to begin to react, then maybe half a second more to move his hand into the defencive position. So the veterinarian did not have the usual length of time to do a good and careful job of castration, in the way that they would have done if operating on a slave in clinical conditions, just the one and a half seconds it took the slave to react. All they had time for was a quick slash with the blade, then immediately place the crook of the Y behind the testicles and slide it up. Doing it at speed meant that the testicles tended to fly up in the air in front of the slave as though fired from a child's pop gun!

The pain and demoralising effect of seeing his testicles going flying was such a blow that in most cases the slave was out of the fight instantly, which was what was intended. As a bonus, seeing this happen to other slaves had a similar demoralising effect on the other fighting slaves, knowing their testicles could go the same way. To make matters worse, the mistresses tended to stamp on the testicles as they hit the ground, squashing them to a pulp. In reality this did not make the situation any worse because, although on earth or any well developed space colony, the testicles could probably have been reattached and got fully functional again by doctors, on a newish space colony like Planet Dominatrix medical facilities were too primitive for surgery like this. So the moment the testicles were detached from the slave's body they were as good as destroyed. But the added demoralising effect of having them stamped on by cruel women was extreme. Groups of fighting men sometimes surrendered instantly on seeing that happen to their fellow fighters and realising it could happen to them.

And when news of the the effectiveness of this battle tactic spread through the ranks of women fighters, even the women who were not trained veterinarians began using it. Of course this led to lots of "slashed but not removed" testicles while these women were learning this skill, but that in itself was an effective battle tactic against the men.

And after the revolt was over, the police continued to carry the castrator, or castor as it was now known, as a warning to the slaves not to revolt again. A few civilian women also continued to carry the device for the same reason. In time the possibility of a second revolt died down, and many police officers stopped carrying the castor. But some still do out of tradition. And also because, when used against other women it is a good defencive weapon but a lousy attacking weapon (it can be used to slash at someone to keep them at bay, but not to stab and kill them) so it makes a great symbol that the police are there to "defend and protect" the other women of the space colony, not to "control" them.

As to why it became know as a castor instead of it's original name which was castrator, no one is certain. Some think it is because it was used to "cast" the man slave's testicles into the air. Others think that the word "castor" is simply a contraction of the word "castrator". There are even a few who think the name was changed after the revolt, when the police began carrying it as a defencive weapon (although this is unlikely as there is plenty of anecdotal evidence that the word was in common use during the revolt).

But whatever the reason for the name change, the castrator is now known as the castor, and it is a common sight on the streets of Planet Dominatrix.

27th July 2015 08:35 GMT

I'm Back, Did You Miss Me?

OK so I have been AWOL for about five months, sorry. After getting the new version of the book out I spent a few weeks publicising it, then took a few weeks off from the project. I had been living with it for a long time and needed a short break. Since then I have had three big jobs for the first book. One is a website I'll do a post about it in about a week's time (there are complicated reasons why I cannot post here yet, I'll explain why in a few weeks time - however if you can't wait to find out about that site I've posted a link to it on both Twitter and Facebook, use the links at the top of the page to find the details). The second new site will go live at the weekend. For the same reasons I'll first post about that on Twitter and Facebook, then post here a week or two later. Sorry to seem so mysterious about this, and when you go to Facebook or Twitter you will probably think "What the hell? Why could he not tell us this on the blog?" There are good reasons. They are Machiavellian, and if I explained them now it could ruin a "cunning plan", but I'll promise I'll explain all about it here in a few weeks time. And when I do I'm afraid it is not very interesting a story, but as I've just oversold it here I guess I'll have to bore you with all the details eventually!

The third reason I have been absent from this blog is a project I am not allowed to talk about either here, or Twitter, or Facebook. I have been threatened with dire consequences if I do say anything, so I'm keeping stumm out of cowardice. But it is something I am very excited about and you will find out eventually, hopefully later in the year but possibly not until next year. And believe me, I will tell you about it because I am so excited about this project that I'll be shouting it from the rooftops. Damn, I think I've oversold it again. It is unbelievably exciting to me, but you will probably think "Huh, so what? Whatever!" when I tell you.

Well now I'm back here I intend to try to post about once a week. But with my record that probably means I'll post about once a fortnight. And for the next couple of weeks I have several things to say, so hopefully you will get a post every two or three days. With the first "new" post hopefully being tomorrow. However, I am having issues with my ISP, and I may not be able to get online to keep up this posting schedule!

Tomorrow's post will be an article on the castor. You have probably never heard of the castor before, but you have seen one. It is that cruel looking device in Brianna's left hand on the current cover photo. In the next book it features more as that is the point it moves from being a veterinary instrument used on men slaves, to becoming a weapon/punishment device used (originally) on male slaves. And I'll tell you all about this device tomorrow.

But that is for tomorrow. Today I'll just say "I'm back, sorry for being gone so long."

21st February 2015 18:20 GMT

New Version Now Available (At Last)

Yup, after several months of me repeatedly telling you "it will be out in a week or two", the new version of "Mistress Of Planet Dominatrix" is at last available to download!

Actually, it has apparently been available for about three weeks, but either the distributor or I screwed up. I was under the impression that they would email me when they released the book, and either I was wrong in that belief, or they forgot to send the email. Anyway it is available now, so I guess you want the links to the download pages.

You can download the eBook from the following sites:

You can download it from Smashwords if you Click Here.

Or you can download it from A1 Adult Ebooks if you Click Here.

21st February 2015 17:09 GMT

A Quick Correction In The Site's Index

Up to now, if you used the link "Newest Posts" on any page except the main index page, it did nothing and just stared at you like you were stupid. This was very unfair of it, because it was not you who was stupid, it was me. I made a basic "newbie coder" error, and considering that I have been designing websites for about 20 years, that was very embarrassing! But it is fixed now, the link should work perfectly from all pages.

I have a couple more minor changes to the "back office", after which I have some great news for you. So expect another post in less than an hour's time!

26th January 2015 22:01 GMT

At Last - I Have Sent The Book Off To The Publishers

The subject of this post really says it all. "Mistress Of Planet Dominatrix" is now with the online publishers and awaiting review.

According to the publishers it will probably take about a week to review. If there are any problems (e.g. if I messed up on the formatting) it may take longer. As soon as the review is finished they will make the eBook available on their own site, and will begin disseminating it to other online publishers. The other publishers may take some time to review it themselves, and they may choose not to stock it at all. But (assuming it passes the first review) it will be available as a download on the publisher's site in about a week.

I'll keep you informed on the progress here and on Twitter and Facebook.

26th January 2015 10:31 GMT

A New Cover And A "Where We Are At" Update

First off, you are probably wondering about the delay in publishing the first book. The reason is that I got a bit "compulsive-obsessive" about checking and re-checking it. I was re-reading the manuscript several times a week, making minor changes (usually just one sentence, sometimes only one word). I have at last convinced myself to stop this and get the book ready to send to the publishers, and it will go soon (today or tomorrow, I hope)

However after finally "signing off" on the copy of the new version, I decided I was not happy with the cover either! So I have redesigned it again. Here is what it will look like if I don't change my mind yet again.

(Click Here to see larger image)

I will (hopefully) send the whole package off to the publishers later today or tomorrow morning. They say it usually takes about a week before they release it as an eBook (assuming they are happy with it). So, finally, you may be able to read the damn thing.

19th October 2014 12:38 GMT

Why All The Delays?????

Two weeks ago I said the new version of "Mistress Of Planet Dominatrix" would be out within a week. I missed that deadline, and again one week ago said that the book would be out within a week. Well, I missed that deadline too. So you is wondering why I keep missing the deadlines I myself promise you. And you are probably also wondering when the new version will finally be available.

The reason I keep missing my deadlines is that I keep re-proofreading the damn thing. You see, initially the book was written and published in a rush. The proofreading was not as good as it should have been. When the second edition came out it was re-proofread. However that was not perfect either. The third edition has two new chapters, loads of new appendices have been added, and once more it has been re-proofread.

Now I was kind of embarrassed by the number of errors that slipped through in the first edition. But it was written and published in a hurry, so I have a bit of an excuse. However I have no such excuse for the number of errors that slipped into the second edition. That had been given plenty of time for proofreading, it should have been near perfect. It wasn't, and I am very embarrassed about that. So I am determined that the third edition will be perfect. Every day I re-read it, and every day I make one or two changes. And I am becoming a bit OCD about it. I don't want to let go until I have read it through once or twice without making any changes.

In truth, I will probably never be satisfied. Eventually someone is going to have to beat me unconscious with a length of two by four, prize the manuscript from my hands, and publish while I am still unconscious.

So when will the book finally get released? Well I should finish re-proofreading it this week, it will definitely be out later this week.

Or next week.

Definitely. Well probably.


14th October 2014 8:25 GMT

New Website

We have yet another website up and running. This one is dedicated to the book "Mistress Of Planet Dominatrix". It explains (yet again) the origins of Planet Dominatrix, which you probably know by now. However it also gives a few extracts from the new version (3rd edition) of the book, which will be out soon. You can find the website if you Click Here. Or copy and paste this link:

Take a look at the site, it is a good one!

12th October 2014 12:44 GMT

First Sight Of The New Cover

Finished the cover at last. I have been using an old laptop (as I am away from home this week) and it is really too low power (processor and memory) to use a graphics program (give me an Amiga over a PC or Mac any day, it can still do twice the job of a PC/Mac with ten times the processing power and memory). So the job has taken be twice as long as it should. But I have finally finished it, so here it is!

(Click Here to see larger image)

The book itself should be out later this week (but I said that last Sunday too, so don't hold your breath)

6th October 2014 07:59 GMT

Working On The Cover For "Mistress"

We are giving the new release of "Mistress Of Planet Dominatrix" a new cover (because the old one is a bit crap). The same people will be modelling, and we will probably use the same photo of the slave (but with a different loin cloth, the one on the original cover looks more like a nappy). But we are using a different photo for the mistress. Unfortunately her costume in the new photo is all wrong so I am using Gimp to re-dress her (Gimp is a program like Photoshop, but Gimp is a thousand times better, because it is free, and was designed by programmers who love to program and genuinely wanted to create a good graphics program, rather than being programmed just for the money).

I have also taken the liberty of giving her a new set of breasts, because (sadly) big breasts sell books!

5th October 2014 18:44 GMT

Twitter Feed

Do note that for short quick updates on Planet Dominatrix (plus anything else that catches my eye) I have a personal Twitter account. You can get to it using the button up in the top right hand side of the page.

5th October 2014 18:15 GMT

First Post

This blog is about the Planet Dominatrix science fiction book series. It is going to give you a bit of info about what is going on "behind the scenes" and also give you all news concerning Planet Dominatrix. Occasionally it will offer you sneak previews.

Updates will be posted "when we have something to tell you" not "even if we have nothing new to say and just want to get you to buy something". This means they will be sporadic. Sometimes there will be lots in a short period of time, and sometimes there will be big gaps.

In the near future I expect the posts to come fairly quickly, as we are getting ready to re-launch the new version of the first book (with two new chapters, and a whole pile of appendices giving you background information on Planet Dominatrix, plus possibly a sneaky preview of the new book). So a lot is happening quickly. Also, we are bringing out several new websites about the series and they will be announced here.

So, if you are into science fiction, bookmark this site, and subscribe to our RSS feed. You will want to keep coming back here.