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Science fiction stories from a world where cruel mistresses rule and men are just slaves, forced to serve.
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First Post

5th October 2014 18:15 GMT

To download
Mistress of
Planet Dominatrix

from Smashwords
Click Here.

Or you can download it from A1 Adult Ebooks if you
Click Here.

This blog is about the Planet Dominatrix science fiction book series. It is going to give you a bit of info about what is going on "behind the scenes" and also give you all news concerning Planet Dominatrix. Occasionally it will offer you sneak previews.

Updates will be posted "when we have something to tell you" not "even if we have nothing new to say and just want to get you to buy something". This means they will be sporadic. Sometimes there will be lots in a short period of time, and sometimes there will be big gaps.

In the near future I expect the posts to come fairly quickly, as we are getting ready to re-launch the new version of the first book (with two new chapters, and a whole pile of appendices giving you background information on Planet Dominatrix, plus possibly a sneaky preview of the new book). So a lot is happening quickly. Also, we are bringing out several new websites about the series and they will be announced here.

So, if you are into science fiction, bookmark this site, and subscribe to our RSS feed. You will want to keep coming back here.