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I'm Back, Did You Miss Me?

27th July 2015 08:35 GMT

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OK so I have been AWOL for about five months, sorry. After getting the new version of the book out I spent a few weeks publicising it, then took a few weeks off from the project. I had been living with it for a long time and needed a short break. Since then I have had three big jobs for the first book. One is a website I'll do a post about it in about a week's time (there are complicated reasons why I cannot post here yet, I'll explain why in a few weeks time - however if you can't wait to find out about that site I've posted a link to it on both Twitter and Facebook, use the links at the top of the page to find the details). The second new site will go live at the weekend. For the same reasons I'll first post about that on Twitter and Facebook, then post here a week or two later. Sorry to seem so mysterious about this, and when you go to Facebook or Twitter you will probably think "What the hell? Why could he not tell us this on the blog?" There are good reasons. They are Machiavellian, and if I explained them now it could ruin a "cunning plan", but I'll promise I'll explain all about it here in a few weeks time. And when I do I'm afraid it is not very interesting a story, but as I've just oversold it here I guess I'll have to bore you with all the details eventually!

The third reason I have been absent from this blog is a project I am not allowed to talk about either here, or Twitter, or Facebook. I have been threatened with dire consequences if I do say anything, so I'm keeping stumm out of cowardice. But it is something I am very excited about and you will find out eventually, hopefully later in the year but possibly not until next year. And believe me, I will tell you about it because I am so excited about this project that I'll be shouting it from the rooftops. Damn, I think I've oversold it again. It is unbelievably exciting to me, but you will probably think "Huh, so what? Whatever!" when I tell you.

Well now I'm back here I intend to try to post about once a week. But with my record that probably means I'll post about once a fortnight. And for the next couple of weeks I have several things to say, so hopefully you will get a post every two or three days. With the first "new" post hopefully being tomorrow. However, I am having issues with my ISP, and I may not be able to get online to keep up this posting schedule!

Tomorrow's post will be an article on the castor. You have probably never heard of the castor before, but you have seen one. It is that cruel looking device in Brianna's left hand on the current cover photo. In the next book it features more as that is the point it moves from being a veterinary instrument used on men slaves, to becoming a weapon/punishment device used (originally) on male slaves. And I'll tell you all about this device tomorrow.

But that is for tomorrow. Today I'll just say "I'm back, sorry for being gone so long."