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The Castor

28th July 2015 09:35 GMT

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The castor was originally designed as a veterinary device for use on male slaves. It's purpose was to castrate man slaves not needed for reproduction. Back then it was simply called a castrator, they like to keep names simple on Planet Dominatrix!

It's use was simple, the blades on the outside were used to slice open the scrotal sack and sever the testicles from their mooring, with practise a good veterinarian could do this in one stroke. The crook of the Y was then placed behind the testicles and slid up along the penis, sliding the testicles out of the scrotal sack. This is a painful operation for the males slaves, but the men are rarely sedated or even given pain killers. No one cares about the suffering of man slaves, so why waste money on needless drugs? They are just men, let them suffer!

The castrator is still occasionally used for this purpose but castration is a rare operation as safe, effective, contraceptive drugs were available by 2315 (when Planet Dominatrix was founded). Castration was still irreversible (well this kind of castration, where the testicles were removed, if the tubes had just been snipped and there were no complications, the doctors of 2315 could usually reverse the operation, but the mistresses of Planet Dominatrix preferred to rip their male slaves testicles right out if castration was considered a necessity). So since a slave who was used for recreational (non reproductive) sex one day may be needed for reproduction in the future, contraceptive drugs is preferable to full castration. And when castrations are performed, they are often used mostly as a way for a mistress to punish a disobedient slave rather than out of medical necessity.

Most of the women on Dominatrix enjoy watching men suffer, so when the castrator is used to castrate a male slave, a punishment that will cause him great pain and humiliation, his mistress will usually invite her friends to watch. Often the castration of a male slave is used as an excuse for a party by his mistress!

So how did the castrator, a simple veterinary tool, become the castor, a vicious weapon carried by many police officers on Planet Dominatrix, and some civilians? Well that was the result of the slave revolt of 2361.

The reasons and causes of the revolt against the rule of women by the male slaves of Planet Dominatrix are long and complicated, and this is not the place to go into the events in detail (for more information see "Revolt Of The Man Slaves on Planet Dominatrix" which will be published late Summer 2015 Click Here for details). But in 2361 a group of man slaves decided they did not like being the slaves of cruel mistresses who forced them to work, used them as sex toys, and tortured them not just for punishment but as an entertainment. So they revolted. And, understandably, the women fought to protect their way of life. They fought back against the revolting male slaves and they were vicious in their attacks.

As I previously pointed out, the castrator was mostly used as a punishment device. A disobedient male slave would be punished by his mistress by having his "manhood" removed in a painful and humiliating way. Surprisingly, even on Planet Dominatrix, where men never get to choose when to have sex that may lead to pregnancy (the men never even get to choose when the have recreational sex - they are slaves, to be used as sex toys by their mistress, she gets to decide when sex occurs and when - and if- it is going to lead to a child), men still have the primal urge to reproduce, and the forced removal of their testicles is an extreme psychological punishment (as well as being incredibly painful). So it is an effective deterrent to bad behaviour from the male slaves, and a good threat to keep the men obedient to their mistresses!

So when the men slaves revolted, castration was considered a suitable punishment. Death would have been better, but the "Breeders Of Men" program had only just stared bearing fruit (i.e. men slaves from this program had only started reaching the "age of usefulness") so they were still short of male slaves, even before some revolted, so they could not afford to kill slaves that could be recaptured and forced back into slavery.

To facilitate fast field justice, the women began carrying castrators in their belts, ready to use to castrate male slaves as soon as captured. As a punishment for the slave, and to be seen by other slaves still fighting as a warning of what will happen to them if they do not surrender.

Now think about the situation on the battlefield. When Planet Dominatrix had been founded, all the male slaves were there because they wanted to be. They were men who were turned on by the idea of being male slaves to women, forced to obey a cruel mistress' every command. So the women had it easy. Docile, obedient men slaves who actually wanted to obey. Women born on Dominatrix were brought up in a world where all men obeyed automatically. They knew no other type of man! Then the first of the men from the "breeders of men" program reached the age of usefulness and became slaves. These guys did not want to be slaves, most of them hated finding themselves classed as less than animals, slaves to women who could do what they liked to their "property". Most of the women realised that the men did not want to be slaves, many even enjoyed slave ownership more because the men hated their slavery (sadistic bitches). But no one thought that the men would revolt. They were used to men who served women automatically, and expected the new male slaves to behave similarly.

So when the men slaves revolted the women were frightened. They had never faced disobedient males before. But they were brave enough, and determined enough, to fight, to go to war with these male revolutionaries. However marching valiantly into battle is one thing, then the war is a long way off, any battles are "in the future". When you eventually find yourself in a fight with an escaped male slave, fear takes over and, if you are lucky, so does instinct. You fight for your life, you use whatever weapons you have to hand, and you fight viciously, it is the only way you will survive the battle.

At this point you will be carrying the castrator as a device to punish any male slave that you capture. But the outside of the castrator is sharp, it is, in effect, a vicious double sided knife. In a fight, a double sided knife is a good weapon. Instinct takes over. The first time you draw your castrator and use it as a weapon you are probably not even aware of what you are doing, you just grabbed the nearest thing to hand and defended yourself. But after you have won, and your opponent has either surrendered or died, you look at the thing you drew to defend yourself and think "this is indeed a good weapon". And an item of veterinary surgery has now become a vicious weapon of war.

At first the castrator was used as a "slash and hack" weapon. But using it in that way simply cuts your opponent, it does not normally inflict a serious wound. In a knife fight, your main aim is to stab the other fighter, not just to cut them. But the castrator is sharp only on the sides, the ends are not pointed. It was designed to cut, not stab. In other words, it was a good defencive weapon, but not a good attack weapon.

With a weapon like that there are really only two ways to to seriously and quickly disable your opponent. One is to go for the eyes. And with it's Y shaped blades, the castrator may look ideal for gouging out both eyes at the same time. However the women hoped to return most of the male slaves to slavery after the revolt. And a blind slave is no use to his mistress. So using the castrator on a man slave's eyes was an act of last resort, only used when the woman he is fighting feels he is about to kill her.

The second way a weapon like this can be used to disable a man slave quickly is to use it as it was designed to be used - go for the genitals.

A quick slash at the penis would, if successful, stop a man in his tracks. However, as already mentioned, the women wished to return the men to slavery again after the revolt was over. And many a mistress would have a use for her male slave's penis! So that too, was left as a last resort defence.

But a slave did not need his testicles. A man slave without testicles can still get an erection, so can still be used for sex. And removing testicles was what the castrator did best!

Before the revolution the mistresses did not allow their male slaves much clothing. Man slaves were mostly either kept naked or given a small loin clots and nothing else. When they escaped and revolted, all they had were the clothes they were wearing at the time. In most cases this was either a small loin cloth or nothing at all. And the loin cloths were not usually well made, they were just bits of material attached to a piece of string tied round the male slave's waist. No point in a mistress spending good money on clothing for her slave! So as a result, the loin cloths tended to fall off early in battle, leaving the slave naked. Nudity for the male slaves was common when in captivity, they were used to it. So when they found themselves naked in freedom it was no big deal, there was no need to stop and make clothes for themselves. And even if the men slaves had wanted to do this, they were running away and fighting for their freedom, stopping and taking time to make even the most rudimentary of garments was not possible. As a result, nearly all the slaves were fighting naked.

This meant that during battle, their testicles were exposed and vulnerable to attack with the castrator.

At first women simply slashed at the slave's testicles with the blades. Any damage down there is liable to put a man slave out of action! But there were veterinarians among the ranks of fighting women, and they followed through the slash with an instant castration. In peace time the male slaves were restrained during castration, in battle they were not. And when an opponent slashed their scrotal sack with a blade, the immediate reaction was to protect their genitals with their hands. The shock of the sudden pain meant that the injured slave would take a second to begin to react, then maybe half a second more to move his hand into the defencive position. So the veterinarian did not have the usual length of time to do a good and careful job of castration, in the way that they would have done if operating on a slave in clinical conditions, just the one and a half seconds it took the slave to react. All they had time for was a quick slash with the blade, then immediately place the crook of the Y behind the testicles and slide it up. Doing it at speed meant that the testicles tended to fly up in the air in front of the slave as though fired from a child's pop gun!

The pain and demoralising effect of seeing his testicles going flying was such a blow that in most cases the slave was out of the fight instantly, which was what was intended. As a bonus, seeing this happen to other slaves had a similar demoralising effect on the other fighting slaves, knowing their testicles could go the same way. To make matters worse, the mistresses tended to stamp on the testicles as they hit the ground, squashing them to a pulp. In reality this did not make the situation any worse because, although on earth or any well developed space colony, the testicles could probably have been reattached and got fully functional again by doctors, on a newish space colony like Planet Dominatrix medical facilities were too primitive for surgery like this. So the moment the testicles were detached from the slave's body they were as good as destroyed. But the added demoralising effect of having them stamped on by cruel women was extreme. Groups of fighting men sometimes surrendered instantly on seeing that happen to their fellow fighters and realising it could happen to them.

And when news of the the effectiveness of this battle tactic spread through the ranks of women fighters, even the women who were not trained veterinarians began using it. Of course this led to lots of "slashed but not removed" testicles while these women were learning this skill, but that in itself was an effective battle tactic against the men.

And after the revolt was over, the police continued to carry the castrator, or castor as it was now known, as a warning to the slaves not to revolt again. A few civilian women also continued to carry the device for the same reason. In time the possibility of a second revolt died down, and many police officers stopped carrying the castor. But some still do out of tradition. And also because, when used against other women it is a good defencive weapon but a lousy attacking weapon (it can be used to slash at someone to keep them at bay, but not to stab and kill them) so it makes a great symbol that the police are there to "defend and protect" the other women of the space colony, not to "control" them.

As to why it became know as a castor instead of it's original name which was castrator, no one is certain. Some think it is because it was used to "cast" the man slave's testicles into the air. Others think that the word "castor" is simply a contraction of the word "castrator". There are even a few who think the name was changed after the revolt, when the police began carrying it as a defencive weapon (although this is unlikely as there is plenty of anecdotal evidence that the word was in common use during the revolt).

But whatever the reason for the name change, the castrator is now known as the castor, and it is a common sight on the streets of Planet Dominatrix.