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Guns On Planet Dominatrix I

31st July 2015 16:41 GMT

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In the science fiction book "Mistress Of Planet Dominatrix" I say "Guns were not common on Dominatrix, at least not projectile guns." Some people have asked: "Why not?" In this post I will attempt to answer that question:

On Earth, in 2401 (the year the events in the science fiction novel "Mistress Of Planet Dominatrix" take place) guns are still very much in existence. And the most common type is the projectile type (ones that fire bullets). Science fiction stories tend to tell us that, in the future "ray guns" will replace the projectile weapons, so why does the future I created not contain spacemen waving ray guns?

To be honest, I thought about the possible development of weaponry, and came to the conclusion that the ray gun will exist in the future (in fact they already exist today). So the ray gun does exist in my future world, and will appear in future books, but they are not common. And I do not think they ever will become common.

Think how science fiction films and science fiction television shows present being shot with a ray gun. The victim freezes for a second or two, visual effects show them "lighting up" from the shot, then the victim either collapses to the floor dead, or crumbles into a pile of dust like a vampire recently staked by Buffy. And it is that "freezing for a second or two" that is the problem. Sure, the real reason for this in films and TV is so that they can give you a spectacular "hit by a ray gun" special effect which adds to the production values and puts bums on seats in the cinema! But in reality, if you are hit with a ray gun you would have to freeze still for a few seconds anyway. And that is where the problem lies.

I have been calling the weapon a "ray gun", because that is how it is portrayed in science fiction stories. In reality we are talking "laser gun". Basically a powerful, portable, laser cannon. I'm not sure how small and portable these devices are today, but large vehicle mounted laser weapons exist for taking out tanks, aeroplanes, etc.. Given time man will eventually get these things down to hand held portable devices. But think how they work.

Today they are used on slow moving vehicles, such as tanks, or vehicles on a steady plotable trajectory, like aeroplanes. These types of target can be "locked on to" by computers, and the laser moved so that it hits the same spot and stays targeted on that exact spot for the length of time required to work. This because a laser is, basically, a heat ray. It burns or melts the target. This is not instant, it takes a second or two (or longer) to work. This is fine when shooting a targetable machine, but what about when you fire at a human?

Imagine I fire my ray gun at you and hit you in the chest. You see the laser beam, feel the heat in your skin, and know that in a second or two your heart will be roasted and you will be dead. What do you do?

You move!

For a laser weapon to work it must be trained on exactly the same spot for a few seconds. Not "on the person", but "exactly on the same spot on that person". To escape death you don't even have to get out of the way of the beam, you just have to let it hit some other part of your body. True, it will hurt. It will injure you. It may even do a lot of damage to your body. You could later die of those injuries. But death will be minutes, hours, or even days later. And in that time you can jump me, take the gun from me, and shove it so far up my anus that it will take major surgery to remove it. True, you may eventually end up dead, but not before you have taken me out too! So the ray gun is not a lot of use to me!

Remember, in science fiction stories on TV and in the movies, the victim freezes for a few seconds - dramatic effect and a chance for an expensive visual effect. But they are actors! In reality you would have to hit the person with a paralysing dart before firing your ray gun at them. Life is not like science fiction!

This explains why ray guns are not common in my science fiction stories, but I say: "Guns were not common on Dominatrix, at least not projectile guns." This infers that laser guns are more common than projectile (bullet firing) guns on Planet Dominatrix. I'll explain this in my next post