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Guns On Planet Dominatrix II

2nd August 2015 11:01 GMT

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I have explained why ray guns are not common in my science fiction stories, but I say: "Guns were not common on Dominatrix, at least not projectile guns." This infers that laser guns are more common than projectile (bullet firing) guns on Planet Dominatrix. Why is this?

Remember, Planet Dominatrix is not on Earth. Planet Dominatrix is on the far side of the known universe and is home to a group of colonists, women who believe man should be slaves and men who fulfil that role. So how did they get there? Well, in a space ship, obviously!

If you have read a lot of science fiction stories you will no doubt have read scenes where the space ship is damaged by a small meteor. Something the size of a small marble, or smaller, hitting the ship and puncturing the hull, letting the atmosphere out and leading to a dramatic "life or death" struggle for survival by the crew of the space ship. I cannot think of an example, but I am sure that more than one science fiction writer has described the meteor hit as being "like a bullet being fired into the hull from a gun outside the ship." As far as my knowledge of meteors striking the hull of a space ship goes, this sounds like a good description. But do you know what else is like a bullet being fired from a gun into the hull from outside the ship? Well I'm guessing that the act of actually firing a bullet into the hull from inside the ship will be almost identical to the gun being fired from outside the ship!

In other words, if you are in a space ship and you fire a gun, and miss your intended target, there is a good chance you will rupture the hull killing the target, yourself, and everyone else on board the space ship. For this reason I cannot see passengers or crew of a space ship ever being allowed to carry a gun. And being found in possession of one would probably be an instant "thrown out of the nearest airlock" offence.

So coming to Dominatrix on a space ship the women would not be carrying projectile guns. This does not mean they would not bring guns. But these guns would be sealed in the hold, not accessible to anyone until they arrived at their destination. And on the long journey tempers would get frayed, arguments could turn nasty, police would be needed to control the situation. And the police officers would need guns to keep the peace. Ray guns are ideal for use in ships. The strength of laser needed to burn the soft tissue of a human is a lot less than the strength needed to burn through the metal hull. So a safe "people killing" weapon (or at least "people injuring" weapon) could be created for use on space ships. And when the colonists arrived at their destination, they would still have these laser guns for use on the planet.

So at the start, the women had both ray guns and projectile guns. And I have explained that projectile guns are more useful than ray guns, so why do I infer that by 2401, there are very few guns, and projectile weapons are rarer than laser weapons? I'll explain this in my next post