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Guns On Planet Dominatrix III

5th August 2015 09:58 GMT

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I have explained that women had both ray guns and projectile guns. And I have explained that projectile guns are more useful than ray guns, so why do I infer that by 2401, there are very few guns, and projectile weapons are rarer than laser weapons?

To start with, projectile guns need bullets. Making a bullet is not a simple task. First you have to mould a metal ball. And the metal has to either come from your reserves or be mined. Then you need to make gunpowder. Some ingredients of gunpowder can be made, but at least one has to be mined. So you have to find a source of the mineral, then dig another mine for that mineral. Then when you have mixed up your gunpowder you have to put it, and the ball, into a cardboard tube (the cardboard too has to be manufactured) or waste more metal on a metal case. And even more metal has to be used to make the firing cap. On earth, or a well established colony, this is easy. It is done in a factory. On a new planet it is a major job setting all this up, and will take manpower needed for other important tasks - such as survival!

But your ray gun uses lasers. The laser justs needs electricity to create the beam. We have had rechargeable batteries since the twentieth century, so by 2315 they will be amazingly efficient. And any new colony is going to consider electric generators a necessity. So charging the laser beam firing ray gun will be easy!

But I doubt if, by the twenty fourth century, it will be necessary to charge the guns up. I have a "battery-less" torch. You squeeze the handle and that generates enough electricity for a couple of seconds of light. Of course, to keep the light on you have to keep squeezing the handle. But if you are creating a laser beam, a few seconds is all the time you need to kill someone. So a laser gun could both be charged and fired by squeezing the trigger.

So to start with, Planet Dominatrix would be equipped with both laser firing ray guns and bullet firing projectile guns. But the events described in the science fiction book "Mistress Of Planet Dominatrix" happened in 2401. By then the colony had existed for eighty one years. By then they would have long run out of bullets (although the colony will have got to the stage where they can be made, they will be an expensive way to kill someone). And most of the original laser cannons in the ray guns will have given up or broken years ago. Guns will be rare!

So at that stage in it's development I would expect Planet Dominatrix (or any space colony) to be reliant on bows and crossbows as their main projectile weapons. And in future science fiction stories in the series you will see both. The main colony use an adapted form of crossbow, smaller and more portable. The other colony (the one formed after the first civil war) prefer bows and arrows. As they consider themselves to be the embodiment of the fictional Earth tribe of "Amazon Women" they feel the bow a more traditional weapon.

Although we see neither in the first science fiction story in the series (instead the murderer uses a novel kind of projectile weapon) both bows and crossbows (and the occasional ray gun) will feature in the next science fiction novel in this series, "Revolt Of The Man Slaves on Planet Dominatrix".