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The Origin Of The Slave Whip

11th August 2015 19:11 GMT

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The slave whip used on Planet Dominatrix is different to most whips in that it has a long wooden or metal handle. Most often metal, wood handles are rare nowadays. The reason for the handle was to give it dual use. The whip part can be used to whip the slave, the handle can be used to beat them.

This type of whip was designed by Nysa Ordell on Earth long before Planet Dominatrix was founded. She designed it for her own amusement, and the first slave whips were just bamboo canes with thin leather trouser belts attached to the end.

When she finally started getting male followers (i.e. men who wanted to be slaves to women) she began testing her new whip on Earth. She found two faults with it. Firstly, being whipped with the belt did not hurt enough (remember - her test subjects were men who wanted to be slaves to women, so they were also turned on by being whipped by women, and were prepared to say if this was not torture enough). Secondly, Nysa sometimes got carried away when beating a man slave with the bamboo handle, and hit him hard enough to break it.

To fix the first problem Nysa used (at a male slave's suggestion) thin strips of toughened leather for the whip. Another slave suggested using wire, so she made versions of the whip using both plastic coated wire and non coated bare wire. Each type gave a different level of pain, suitable for a different level of punishment.

The second problem, Nysa overcame by using a wooden broom handle as a handle. Not only did this solve the breaking problem, it also hurt the male slave more when punished by being beaten with the handle.

Later Nysa improved the design even more by using a hollow metal tube as the handle. Some historians claim that this was a metal broom handle, others claim it was a camping pole. We will never know the truth because Nysa is dead now, and none of her original prototypes exist.

When Nysa finally got enough money to start her colony she had whips professionally made up on Earth before leaving. These consisted of purpose built metal poles with either leather, coated wire, or bare wire. The "records of cargo" for the flight to Dominatrix show that six thousand leather whips, six thousand coated wire whips, and six thousand bare wire whips were taken with them. In other words - enough for one of each type of whip per woman, with a few spares! Although most of the metal handles survive intact to this day, most have been restrung, and the few whips that still have their original whip part are now expensive collectors items. However it is a testament to Earth engineering that of the 18000 handles that were taken on that first journey, over 16000 still exist. Most are still used as whips, but in some cases the metal handles were put to other uses (on a new colony you have to learn to improvise).

It is also a testament to the quality of the handles of the whips brought to Planet Dominatrix that although some had to be restrung, no new handles were made until the late 2350s, when the "breeders of men" program began to show fruit. Up to then the slave population had declined slightly due to births of male slaves being less than deaths and since few whips were damaged, the initial stock of whips sufficed. In fact, as previously mentioned, some whips were cannibalised for other uses because they had more than they needed.

But eventually the population of both male slaves and women mistresses increased on Planet Dominatrix to the point where new whips had to be made on planet. In my next post I'll tell you how this changed manufacturing design, and how that design was partly blamed for the slave revolt.