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The Further Development Of The Slave Whip

19th August 2015 09:39 GMT

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At the very end of the year 2356 the first new male slaves born from the "breeders of men" program reached the "age of usefulness" and were auctioned off. During 2357 more slaves reached the age of usefulness and the slave population continued to grow. The female population had been increasing since 2319. It had suffered a big hit from two civil wars and from the splitting off of one group to form a new, separate colony that called itself "The Amazons". However after the end of the second civil war in 2319, when a change in law allowed women to freely choose the sex of their children, it began to increase quickly (there were drugs that meant you could choose the sex of your child at conception). At the end of the war the adult female population in the main colony had drooped to less than 2000. But there were about the same number of girl children. And from then on most women gave birth to several girls each. Life on a new colony was risky at best (the fact that the colony had started with 5398 adult females, and now had less than 2000 proved this), so the only way to ensure your genetic line continued was to have plenty of daughters (on Dominatrix men were not considered human, so - apart from those in the breeders of men program - women avoided giving birth to boys). Also the fact that, from 2319, nearly all women had at least one male slave that they could use for sex if they liked, helped increase the quantity of children born. As these children became adults they too wanted slaves. At first this was not possible, there were not enough slaves to go round, but as the breeders of men program began to show fruit, more and more women became slave owners, and eventually the stock of whips was exhausted and more needed to be produced.

Although mining existed on Planet Dominatrix by then, male slaves were needed for so many things that only a few were used as miners or foundry workers. What metal was produced went to the more important things, and the production of metal whip handles was not considered an essential industry. So the first whips made on Dominatrix had wooden handles.

After the slave revolt was put down, some women blamed the "lax punishment" given to slaves when beaten with the handle of a wooden handled whip for the revolt. They argued that a metal handled whip would be a better punishment, and keep the male slaves in line more effectively. You can test this for yourself: Get a friend to hit you over the head with a stick. Then get the same friend to hit you over the head with a scaffolding pole. Use a MRI scanner to see which gives you the most brain damage.

As a result production was stepped up at the mines. Extra slaves could not be spared, but the existing miners were replaced with recaptured revolutionary slaves, and these slaves were made to work even longer hours as a punishment for revolting. Basically they were given five hours to sleep, necessary meal and toilet breaks, and the entire rest of the day, every day of the week, every week of the year, were forced to work down the mines - for the rest of their lives.

The slave whips that had come from Earth had a plug of a plastic like substance in the top to which the whip part was fixed. Many of these had fallen off and been replaced. The equipment needed to manufacture the substance that the attachment was made of had not been shipped to Dominatrix. Other plastics could (and were) manufactured on the planet out of waste carbon products. But the process was time and resource consuming, so it was usual to have a slave carve a wooden plug to replace lost ones. When new whips were manufactured, this type of plug became standard.

And that is still the basic design of whip used on Planet Dominatrix. A few women use bull whips made out of barran hide, some use a braided whip, and there are some women who prefer more modern whips which combine the purpose of whip and cattle prod in one device. But most still use the basic type of whip designed by Nysa Ordell back when she was first planning her space colony where women rule and men exist only to serve women, as male slaves.