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Electric Adaptations Of The Slave Whip - Combined Cattle Prod And Whip

25th August 2015 09:58 GMT

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In my last post I explained that the original design of slave whip created by Nysa Ordell is still the main whip used on Dominatrix to punish men slaves. Practically every adult woman in the main colony owns one. But there are a few advanced designs that are also seen all over the colony. In this post I'll discuss the combined cattle prod and whip.

The title pretty much explains it all. This is a whip that combines the functions of a whip and a cattle prod and is used by Mistresses when punishing men. The whip part is used in exactly the same way as the traditional whip, and the handle is also used by mistresses to beat their male slaves. It even looks almost identical to the original slave whip designed by Nysa Ordell. The only visible difference is the ends of the handle. The top of the whip handle either has a metal ball or two metal prods coming out of it. The other end has an insulating handle with at least one button, and often several buttons along the side of it.

However the main difference is inside the handle. The metal handle on all whips is hollow, but on this type of whip the handle contains all the equipment necessary to produce a painful electric shock. Painful but not lethal. An extra way to punish the men slaves!

In the type of slave whip with a ball end, the ball is isolated from the rest of the whip by an insulating spring. When the slave is poked with the end of the whip the ball is pressed into the whip, the spring compressed, and the ball comes into contact with a charged plate within the whip. The electricity is then discharged though the male slave's body, causing brief but considerable pain. An ideal punishment or encouragement to work harder.

The main disadvantage of this is that the charge is earthed through the slave to the ground. It is extremely painful, but if the slave is standing on an insulating surface the whip will not work.

The other disadvantage is that you can only use the whip below the chest. If the charge runs through the slave's heart it may cause a heart attack or weaken the heart. This is also a risk that if the slave is touching a more conducting surface, he is earthed with his hands not his feet. in that case some or all of the charge will earth through his hands, and again the path may run through his chest causing heart damage or death.

Slaves are expensive, so damaging them or killing them is usually a bad idea. For this reason there is a second type of electric cattle prod whip. That has two metal prods coming out of the top instead of a ball. The prods are similar to those on an Earth taser, except that they are slightly curved so that they resemble cow horns.

Only one horn delivers the electric shock, the other acts as the earth. Or to be more exact, the two horns act like positive and negative poles on a really, really powerful battery. The charge runs from one horn to the other, not through the man slave's body. The advantage of this is that it is safer. The disadvantage is that it does not hurt as much, so is not as good a punishment for men slaves.

Both designs have an insulated handle with a selection of buttons. The cheapest variety of horn type has two buttons, one to charge the whip, and one to discharge it. A few of the lowest price ball type have only one button, to charge the whip. Pressing the ball against a male slaves flesh as a punishment will cause it to discharge, so no second button is needed. More expensive versions of both types of whip have several buttons. The extra buttons allow the mistress to adjust the strength of the electric shock, so that the mistress can choose how severely she wants to punish the men slaves.

These two types of slave whip exist in roughly equal quantities on Planet Dominatrix, but neither exists in any great quantity because they are not as popular as you would expect with the slave mistresses on Planet Dominatrix. This is for two reasons:

1. The early models of this whip were, to put it mildly, somewhat primitive in their construction. They often malfunctioned and occasionally this malfunction resulted in the electric shock running through the handle and into the mistress rather than her male slave. Fortunately this has never been fatal, but it hurt the mistress as much as it was supposed to hurt the slave! The idea of punishment is to punish the men slaves, not punish the mistress! Nowadays the whips are better built, and they have insulating handles, so this cannot happen. But the memory of the humiliation of having the men's punishment inflicted on their mistresses still rankles, so many women will not use these punishment devices.

2. Most women enjoy punishing men. And for some, collecting punishment devices is a turn on. Owning more punishment devices makes them feel more in control, and more horny at owning men slaves. So why have just one device that does two jobs, when you can have two separate devices, a standard whip and a standard cattle prod?

The combined cattle prod and whip is the most common kind of electric whip used on Planet dominatrix, but there are other kinds of electric whip that the women use when punishing men. In the next post I'll describe the second type.