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Science fiction stories from a world where cruel mistresses rule and men are just slaves, forced to serve.
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Working On The Cover For "Mistress"

6th October 2014 07:59 GMT

To download
Mistress of
Planet Dominatrix

from Smashwords
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Or you can download it from A1 Adult Ebooks if you
Click Here.

We are giving the new release of "Mistress Of Planet Dominatrix" a new cover (because the old one is a bit crap). The same people will be modelling, and we will probably use the same photo of the slave (but with a different loin cloth, the one on the original cover looks more like a nappy). But we are using a different photo for the mistress. Unfortunately her costume in the new photo is all wrong so I am using Gimp to re-dress her (Gimp is a program like Photoshop, but Gimp is a thousand times better, because it is free, and was designed by programmers who love to program and genuinely wanted to create a good graphics program, rather than being programmed just for the money).

I have also taken the liberty of giving her a new set of breasts, because (sadly) big breasts sell books!