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Science fiction stories from a world where cruel mistresses rule and men are just slaves, forced to serve.
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First Sight Of The New Cover

12th October 2014 12:44 GMT

To download
Mistress of
Planet Dominatrix

from Smashwords
Click Here.

Or you can download it from A1 Adult Ebooks if you
Click Here.

Finished the cover at last. I have been using an old laptop (as I am away from home this week) and it is really too low power (processor and memory) to use a graphics program (give me an Amiga over a PC or Mac any day, it can still do twice the job of a PC/Mac with ten times the processing power and memory). So the job has taken be twice as long as it should. But I have finally finished it, so here it is!

The book itself should be out later this week (but I said that last Sunday too, so don't hold your breath)