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Why All The Delays?????

19th October 2014 12:38 GMT

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Mistress of
Planet Dominatrix

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Two weeks ago I said the new version of "Mistress Of Planet Dominatrix" would be out within a week. I missed that deadline, and again one week ago said that the book would be out within a week. Well, I missed that deadline too. So you is wondering why I keep missing the deadlines I myself promise you. And you are probably also wondering when the new version will finally be available.

The reason I keep missing my deadlines is that I keep re-proofreading the damn thing. You see, initially the book was written and published in a rush. The proofreading was not as good as it should have been. When the second edition came out it was re-proofread. However that was not perfect either. The third edition has two new chapters, loads of new appendices have been added, and once more it has been re-proofread.

Now I was kind of embarrassed by the number of errors that slipped through in the first edition. But it was written and published in a hurry, so I have a bit of an excuse. However I have no such excuse for the number of errors that slipped into the second edition. That had been given plenty of time for proofreading, it should have been near perfect. It wasn't, and I am very embarrassed about that. So I am determined that the third edition will be perfect. Every day I re-read it, and every day I make one or two changes. And I am becoming a bit OCD about it. I don't want to let go until I have read it through once or twice without making any changes.

In truth, I will probably never be satisfied. Eventually someone is going to have to beat me unconscious with a length of two by four, prize the manuscript from my hands, and publish while I am still unconscious.

So when will the book finally get released? Well I should finish re-proofreading it this week, it will definitely be out later this week.

Or next week.

Definitely. Well probably.