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At Last - I Have Sent The Book Off To The Publishers

26th January 2015 22:01 GMT

To download
Mistress of
Planet Dominatrix

from Smashwords
Click Here.

Or you can download it from A1 Adult Ebooks if you
Click Here.

The subject of this post really says it all. "Mistress Of Planet Dominatrix" is now with the online publishers and awaiting review.

According to the publishers it will probably take about a week to review. If there are any problems (e.g. if I messed up on the formatting) it may take longer. As soon as the review is finished they will make the eBook available on their own site, and will begin disseminating it to other online publishers. The other publishers may take some time to review it themselves, and they may choose not to stock it at all. But (assuming it passes the first review) it will be available as a download on the publisher's site in about a week.

I'll keep you informed on the progress here and on Twitter and Facebook.