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Science fiction stories from a world where cruel mistresses rule and men are just slaves, forced to serve.
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Mistress Of Planet Dominatrix

Mistress Of Planet Dominatrix

In a world where women rule and men are just slaves, She held supreme power.

Men slaves forced to obey a cruel mistress.

On planet dominatrix only women are considered human. Men are seen as less than animals, they are forced to work for their cruel mistresses, treated badly, used as sex toys, and even tortured for the entertainment of the evil women who rule the planet.

The men are made to suffer.
The women enjoy making them suffer.

It is "Festival", the one day of the year when men suffer even worse that usual. The day women celebrate their victory over their men slaves with a festival of pain that the men have no choice but to endure.

The festival is a long standing tradition on Dominatrix, a day men dread all year round. But this festival will be worse, dark events are unfolding, and this year the men who will suffer most.

On a world where women dominate you must obey.

Buy this and read about the lives of the dominant women on Planet Dominatrix, hear how they cruelly use and abuse their men, in this novel by Jed Darke.

You know you are going to enjoy reading this eBook, so buy it now.

To download "Mistress Of Planet Dominatrix" (and read all the action) from Smashwords Click Here. Or you can download it from A1 Adult Ebooks if you Click Here.