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Science fiction stories from a world where cruel mistresses rule and men are just slaves, forced to serve.
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Obey Me Man Slave

Here is a book written by a real dominatrix, for those of you who are slaves and are looking for a mistress to obey:

24 Sets Of ORDERS From A REAL Dominatrix - Your new Mistress - OBEY HER without question!

Here are 24 sets of orders written by a REAL dominatrix, and a message to you from your new Mistress. These are ORDERS that you MUST obey to satisfy Her. If you have ever wanted to be controlled by a Dominatrix, or wondered what is would be like to be a sex slave to a cruel mistress then you must buy this eBook.

This is a rare and unique opportunity to obey a real dominatrix. You know that you want to let her make you her slave. You know that you have to buy these eBooks. So do it now, you do not want to miss out.

To read this book in it's entirety Click Here